How do i put an RSS feed on my website?

This post is assuming that you are talking about posting a public RSS feed or a feed from a third party provider. This type of setup will basically allow you to show the feed or headlines from another website on your site. A lot of people do this to dynamically update the contents on their own site without really having to create anything themselves.

There are a number of options to do this, some for .php and .asp or just iframes basically that sit in your HTML. Depending on what type of site you have, you will need to find the best suited feed for your needs.

RSS Feed Resources -
a great start if you want to put an rss feed on my website.

- free PHP script for dynamically displaying RSS feeds as html.

RSS2HTML Pro - free PHP script for dynamically displaying RSS feeds as html.FeedRoll

Pro - display content using PHP or javascript.

FeedForAll- export your rss feed to html or an html table so that search engines will see the rss feed contents when they spider! OR use a FREE PHP script to display RSS feeds.

- free ASP script for dynamically displaying RSS feeds using ASP.
- service for displaying RSS feeds.

RSS Cache - the rss2html Cache module saves the feed locally for a specified period of time, making feed retrieval much quicker.

- this allows Items in a RSS feed to be created ahead of time, and then slowly released over a period of time.

- Syndicate articles appearing on GoArticles a large article repository.

RSS to Java Script - Free rss/rdf to javascript conversion. No XML or programming expierence is necessary.

- An RSS Feed is a dynamically generated summary (in XML format) of information or news published on other web sites- so when the published RSS changes, your web site will be automatically changed too.

Link Ripper - This tool will reach out to a web page, strip out a chunk of that page's source between a start and the end string, strip out all the hyperlinks, and return them

- install RSSlib scripts and customize them to add content directly to your web pages. These scripts are made with PHP & ASP.

- sign up for an NewslettersByRSS email address, add this email address to your newsletter subscription. Your newsletter RSS feed is automatically created!

- enter the url of the RSS feed and it will generate java script that will display the feed on your website.

- a free service for syndicating popular RSS and ATOM news feeds on your website or blog. Select a feed, customize the design, then copy and paste the code provided onto your page.

RSS to JavaScript - was designed to easily convert any valid RSS, RDF or ATOM feed into easy to implement Javascript. No XML or programming expierence is necessary.

- The RSSmesh script is used to merge multiple RSS feeds into a single RSS feed.

This list should be a good start for you to put an rss feed on your website. There are a number of other options but this list covers most of them.

How do I put an RSS feed on my website?