How to Dress to play ice hockey...

Here are the basics of getting dressed to play ice hockey:

First and foremost you are going to want to start off with your underlying garments such as maybe a compression shirt or shorts.

From there you are going to want to put on your protective cup which may also have girdles to hold up your socks. From there I usually like to put on a shin pad and then another shin pad. After that you are going to want to pull up your socks in order to hold these shin pads in place. You can have one for each leg. From there you are usually going to want to put your pants on right after that in order so you are not going to get into any confusion while getting dressed and encounter any problems such as if you were to put your skates on the floor you're not going to be able to pull your pants up over your skates. So after your pants probably move down to your skates. You don't have to go any particular order, left or right.

Go ahead and lace up your skates.

After that you are going to be complete with your bottom half of equipment. From there you are going to want to put on your shoulder pads and adjust them so that they are snug on top of your body. Once your shoulder pads are on you can move to your elbow pads and then once your elbow pads are on, almost done, go ahead and strap your jersey on and then you'll be just like I am here and the only thing you are going to need is your helmet, your gloves, and your stick and you'll be ready to take the ice. So that's how you get equipped in the basics of ice hockey.

How do I dress to play ice hockey?