How Do I Decorate Myspace?

Decorating your myspace page can be a fun way to show off your personality and showcase your favorite team, celebrity or musician. There are lots of things you can do to your myspace page to decorate it, and unlike facebook, myspace allows you to do almost anything with your personal page.

Myspace 2.0

Let's start with the overall theme of your myspace page. Myspace now has a 2.0 feature that lets you upgrade to their new version, or if you are just signing up, that is the version you will start with.  Upgrading to 2.0 gives you many new options, some of them include:

 - Profile 2.0 gives you granular control over privacy, and enhanced customization options.
 - Hide your comments, friends, age, last login, and more.
 - Make parts of your profile visible to specific groups of friends (friend categories).
 - New themes to style your page without any knowledge of HTML or pasting codes.
 - Profile 2.0 loads faster and has a sleeker, more modern look.

Notice the new themes addition. This allows you to integrate a new theme to your page easily without any technical know how. You can change around the layout of your apps and add modules to the page in almost any order you would like. The Profile 2.0 is a definite improvement and can be very easily updated.

If you want to change your theme for example you need to:

1. Login to your account.
2. Click on the Profile - Customize Profile Tab
3. Choose your overall theme from the available list.
4. Choose your layout ie. two columns, three columns, etc. there are a bunch.
5. Choose your modules if you want to take off or add any
6. Hit the Preview Button
7. If you like what you see, hit publish and your page is done.

Myspace 1.0

If you have an older version of the profile on myspace you will need much more technical know how. If you insist on finding out exactly how to update your old page, I would suggest searching Google for myspace layouts and usually each layout has instructions on where to past the code. 

Most of the time there  is some code that needs to be posted in the About Me section as well as the Who I'd Like To Meet section in the admin area. Posting the provided code will automatically change the look of your page. If you know anything about CSS, then you might be able to go in and change the look of your page even more by editing that code.

Now when someone asks you "How do I Decorate Myspace?" you can help them and make it easy for them to get the job done.