How do I Dance the Electric Slide?

I think the best way to explain this one is to show some videos. The best way to learn it is to practice and even take dance classes. I am sure there are dance studios in your area that will teach you the electric slide and it might be fun to meet new people.

If you are dead set against classes then here you go. First, an explanation of what the Electric Slide is.

From Wikipedia:The Electric Slide is a four wall line dance. The dance was created by American dancer Ric Silver. Originally called The Electric, the dance was created in 1976 for the re-opening of Vamps Disco in New York at 71st and Broadway. It was choreographed to the international hit song Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths; the song was written for Griffiths by Bunny Wailer, who did not copyright the song until 1982. The song was originally released in 1976 and re-released in 1989, when it became a dance craze.

You can learn it from dvd's like these: