How do I apply for Cobra insurance?

FIrst you need to determine if Cobra is right for you vs. a traditional health insurance plan.

Do you have health insurance already? Do you want to make regular doctors visits? How much are you willing to spend on insurance per month?

These are all important questions and should be answered before looking into any kind of insurance plan.

COBRA isn't actually a company or a type of insurance, it is a law that was passed and the COBRA stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.

You should seriously consider continuing your health benefits under COBRA if you...

have had comprehensive benefits and don't mind paying more for them.
want continual, guaranteed coverage at a higher cost.
have had recent health problems.
have had ongoing health problems.
are taking expensive medications.
have been declined for private insurance recently.
have a history of medical problems.
have had an accident within the 60 day window of enrollment.
are pregnant or planning to get that way.
got a job and your new employer does not offer a health plan.

The best way to apply would be to call your favorite health care provider and ask them about their Cobra plans, or if you don't feel like doing that, then visit and get a quote.

How do I apply for Cobra?