Well this question comes up often and there are a lot of really easy answers, but I am going to give you the hard one. Ok well not really a hard one, but a fairly long one, so next time you ask "How do i download movies?" you'll know the answer.

First off you are going to need a computer and an internet connection. Obviously if you are reading this you are off to a good start. Before I get into the meat of this post, let me just say that in no way am I condoning downloading movies illegally. I will give you multiple options below and you can make the decision yourself.

3 Ways to Download Movies


iTunes is the most widely accepted source for downloading movies online. They offer one of the largest selections available, and they offer one of the best user interfaces. Through iTunes, there are a two ways to download movies:

iTunes has titles from every major Hollywood studio and the iTunes Store makes it easy to rent your favorite movies with a click. Standard-def movie rentals are $2.99 for library titles and $3.99 for new releases. And for just $3.99, you can rent HD movies directly from your widescreen TV via Apple TV. Rent a movie and you have 30 days to start watching it. Hit Play, and you have 24 hours to finish it — or play it as many times as you want. Rentals disappear when they expire, so they won’t take up space on your hard drive.

Why rent when you can own? Download the movie permanently into your digital collection. From comedy to drama, romance to classics, independent to thriller, the iTunes Store has thousands of movies available for purchase. Most movies start at $9.99. iTunes also offers short movie downloads, including famous Pixar shorts that cost only $1.99

Of course if you already have an iTunes account and are looking to keep things legit, then this would be the best way to download movies. Of course if you want things for free, I would suggest the following two options, although I wouldn't condone them.


Limewire is a peer to peer sharing program that allows you to share files with your peers. Pretty self explanatory. If you aren't familiar with this type of program, basically you search for whatever it is that you are looking for and Limewire accesses all of the other computers hooked to it and their shared files. If what you are looking for is on one of those computers then you are able to download it from them, sharing it with them.

You most likely heard of the whole "Napster" fiasco that happened a few years ago over people illegaly downloading music. Napster got shut down. Limewire is somehow still standing, maybe because they offer a pro version with paid downloads? Not sure.

Getting Started
You will first need to go to www.limewire.com and download the software to your computer. Just follow the prompts once you get started, it is fairly simple. Once the software is installed you are ready to get searching.

Downloading a Movie
All you have to do is click on the search tab and type in the name of the movie you wish to download. It is that simple. Your search results will come up slowly as Limewire searches all of the available movies. The tricky part is selecting which file to download since the results are usually chock full of fake downloads and other spamming crap.

If it is a popular movie, usually the top result is a safe bet since it has the most returned results. Each result also shows you the type of connection that the download is coming from and the bitrate and the type of file such as .avi or .mov or .wmv etc. You can narrow your search results by clicking on the categories on the left hand side to get more accurate.

One thing to take into consideration when using limewire is the safety factor for your computer, it is an easy way to get information stolen from. Here is a little piece of info from the Limewire website:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, cautions that file-sharing can have a number of risks. For example, when you are connected to file-sharing programs, you may unknowingly allow others to copy private files you never intended to share. You may download material that is protected by the copyright laws and find yourself mired in legal issues. You may download a virus or facilitate a security breach. Or you may unwittingly download pornography labeled as something else.

To secure the personal information stored on your computer, the FTC suggests that you:

• Set up the file-sharing software very carefully. If you don't check the proper settings when you install the software, you could open access not just to the files you intend to share, but also to other information on your hard drive, like your tax returns, email messages, medical records, photos, or other personal documents.

The third and final way to download movies that I am going to talk about is this:

Torrent Files

A Torrent is a small file with the suffix .torrent, which contains all the information needed to download a file the torrent was made for. That means it contains file names, their sizes, where to download from and so on. You can get torrents for almost anything on lots of web sites and torrent search engines The Pirate Bay. This method of downloading movies is a bit more complicated as it requires you find the torrent, download it and then open with a torrent client.

Once you have found the torrent that you want and have downloaded it to your computer, you need to find a torrent client such as Utorrent or Bittorrent or on a Mac Tomato Torrent. You need to open the file with this client and it will do the rest of the work for you.

Once your file is downloaded completely, which may take a while, then you can open it with your movie player of choice and enjoy. Make sure you know where the file is being downloaded to so you can easily find it once it is done.


Next time you ask "how do I download movies?" you will now know the answer and feel more comfortable with the choices available to you online. Downloading movies can be a time consuming process and can also get you in trouble if you choose the illegal route so be careful. Now you know how to download movies, go on, go out and get yourself some movies and popcorn and have fun.